Modern expectations of responsiveness and availability are devastasting to our ability to focus deeply. They're incompatible with solving hard problems and building strong teams, and they make it difficult to live an intentional, considered life—all of which I consider much more important than being a "good" correspondent.

As a result, my approach to correspondence may be different than what you expect when you send an email, dial a phone, or propose a meeting.


I welcome you to email me using your discretion. I respond to most of the email I receive, but my response times vary from less than an hour to almost 6 months. Please know that my potentially lengthy response time isn't about you. It's about the fact that I take my ability to focus deeply on the 1 or 2 most important projects I'm working on very seriously, and being good at email isn't part of that job (in fact, it's mostly antithetical).

When I take a while to reply, it's usually because it takes a long time to carve out the 30 minutes I need to reply substantively and completely. If that isn't worth waiting for, please reconsider emailing me.

Messages (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Please email me instead.

Phone Calls

I generally avoid scheduling calls that aren't essential to my current projects. Please don't call me unless we have a scheduled call. I do not return calls.


While I love working with great people in person, I don't schedule social meetings and I avoid all forms of "networking" that aren't directly accretive to my current projects.