Many years ago I decided that my purpose in life is to amplify human capability and raise standards, so that's what I try to spend most of my time doing.

Today, I'm the co-founder of Thoughtful, a new kind of online community for sharing thoughtful, enriching content. If you're an engineer or designer who cares deeply about using the Internet and the smartphones in our pockets to enrich our lives and minds—not distract us with stimulating junk—we'll begin hiring in August 2021.

For the past 7 years I worked at Facebook, before my somewhat controversial departure. Most recently I led the team responsible for building tools and providing education and support for community leaders using Facebook Groups.

Previously, I started and led the Core App UI team at Facebook, where we built design and engineering infrastructure to make Facebook feel more cohesive and simultaneously make our product teams more efficient. We also redesigned much of News Feed, commenting, and navigation patterns.

When I joined Facebook, I helped ship the first native iOS app shortly before tech-leading a product called Paper, which was an ambitious new way to use Facebook on the iPhone.

I'm an Objectivist, and attribute most of my own happiness to the way I've integrated philosophy into both my daily life and the big picture. In my spare time, I read, drive and obsessively detail sports cars, and go for long, ambling walks through California's grandeur.